Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Review: Good to Great by Jim Collins

Jim Collins, the author of "Built to Last" and "How The Mighty Fall", is at his best in the 2001 best-seller, "Good to Great."  I recently bought the audio-book and "re-listened" over a few days during my work commute.  I can only say that each time I read/listen to the book, I learn more about the qualities of excellence and the methodology of how both companies and people create success.

Highly recommended, the book outlines some key principles that overlap most organizational and personal challenges.  Want to really understand leadership?  Collins blows away traditional myths by describing a Level-5 leader as:  humble, passionate, driven to success for his company (even at personal cost) and takes little credit for their own success.  Thinking about strategies for success?  Collins describes his great companies through an iterative process, not by some miracle cure.  Evolution, not revolution.  Collins also takes on bureaucracy as simply unnecessary, IF you have the right people on the bus, in the right seats.

As a sales manager, the book only reinforced the concept that a successful sales team is FIRST about hiring the right people.  People that are not motivated by the comp plan, but have success in their genetic make-up.  Collins describes successful people as "those people who will succeed regardless of any circumstances."  Collins cautions that if you find yourself having to micromanage people, first look to see if you have a people problem.

I put Good to Great amongst my top business books of all time.  Go buy it on iTunes.

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