Wednesday, October 12, 2011

iPhone 4S - What, You Didn't Order It Yet?

Like many of my readers who relish the Apple announcements, I was online watching instant messaging live during the October Press Conference.  With baited breath, I watched in amazement as Tim began summarizing all of the exciting news regarding Apple's continued world domination.  Like everyone else, I counted down the minutes (10, 20, 40 minutes into the media event).  Time to talk about iPhone.

What, no iPhone 5.  Wait a minute, it's been leaked for months.  I saw the screenshots from Sprint's databases and Radio Shack's employee training on iPhone 5.  I saw the phony web-site from Germany with photos and feature descriptions of the iPhone 5.  Where's the iPhone 5?  What's this iPhone 4S thing? I must admit, I also heard of leaks regarding the iPhone 4S, but paid them little mind as I was certain that Apple wouldn't do this.

I braced myself to hear about this iPhone 4S.  Slowly at fist, but steady as the information flowed, I began to understand.  The iPhone 4S really WAS the iPhone 5.  The camera, the wireless antenna, the A5 Chip, was all there.  And what a phone this will turn out to be.  Over the next several days, I've watched the iPhone 4S videos and read the blogosphere.  This really is the most amazing Smartphone ever developed.  On October 7, the order was placed.

Are you a salesperson looking to increase productivity and efficiency?  Look no further.  Think the right technology can't significantly escalate success?  Think again.

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