Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Faroe Islands slaughters 22 Pilot Whales

While I normally reserve this blog for sales related content, sometimes you have to use whatever means that is at your disposal to communicate cowardice and barbarity.  On June 30, 2015, whalers (if you can call the pitiful excuse of the butchers such a name), rounded up 22 Pilot Whales in a cove off of one of the Faroe Islands (between Norway and Iceland) and used hunting knives to stab and slice the throats of the beached animals.

The video is heart-wrenching, and the people are pathetic cowards.  Dressed in their industrialized winter clothing in modern housing by the bay, there is simply no excuse for this behavior.  These aren't natives struggling to survive.  This is about money and a lack of any respect for animal life.

What must we do as a society to protect the eco-system that keeps us alive?  Which species is ready to blink out due to our ignorance, arrogance, and chasing the dollar?  This example is just a snapshot in time (our time), of what we've become.  Let's evolve just a bit faster and recognize that everything is not ours for the taking.

I challenge you to forward this video to 10 people that you care about.  Let's get a message sent that we are outraged and will do something about this.

Want to do more?  Visit the Sea Sheppard website:  http://www.seashepherd.org/.  Find out more about conversation.  Communicate socially.