Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Best Urchil's Take-Aways: Relationship Selling

In Urchil's Relationship Selling, published in 2008, he spins a masterpiece of success.  Here's the biggest take-aways that need no elaboration from me.

"...a trusted advisor relationship is not the same as a "buddy" relationship."
"...it is most important for the client to perceive you more as the person who they can trust to provide the appropriate solution and less as the person who is their friend or buddy."
"You need to evolve from a person who recommended and sold systems or devices to a person who collaborates with the client and helps resolve business problems affecting the organization as a whole, or a specific problem that affects that client in person."
"You should be genuinely interested in people."
"You should be genuinely interested in helping others without expectations."
"You should have a genuine desire to make friends."
"You should have a genuine belief in yourself and in the goodness of others."
"You should have a genuinely positive outlook on life."
"I suggest that you consciously cultivate the ability to see the positive in everything."
"I have experienced, time and time again, that it is these small, simple, seemingly insignificant things that matter the most."
"If you forget somebody's name...do not try to cover up the fact that you forgot someone's name.  Apologize once and do not make a big deal of the situation."
"My employees are all aware that if I ever catch them or hear of them responding to a cell phone call or typing away at a blackberry while in a meeting with a client or during a formal meeting with their peers, I will terminate their services."
"The following four skills define the LUST technique:  Listening.  Understanding, Soliciting Input, Trusted Advice."
"Let me assure you that if you truly listen to someone and really hear what he or she is saying, ninety-nine percent of the time you will find that you have something in common with him or her.  Don't force the interaction.  Don't pretend to like something."
"Things that successful people share:  They are ethical.  Successful people exhibit a core set of personal and professional ethics and honesty that they are not willing to compromise.  They exhibit perseverance.  They are willing to work through the hard times and strive towards the desired goal.  They do not give up at the first sign of trouble or hardship.  Tought times do not last, tough people do.  They have good work life balance.  They are multi-dimensional.  They practice.  Persevere.  Adapt.  Learn.  Practice."
"...There is no such thing as natural talent and if there is, it plays an insignificant part in consistent long-term sucess."

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