Friday, July 9, 2010

Selling As Easy As...Kung Pao Chicken

Have you heard the one about the wife who wants her husband to take the family out to a fancy dinner? She sends her husband a text message during the day: "Let's go out to dinner tonight." When he gets home, she says, "Honey, wouldn't it be nice to go to that great Chinese place where you had that fantastic Kung Pao Chicken?" He thinks about that chicken and stops thinking about the hassle of driving the family in traffic and the cost of the bill. They go to dinner.

Yes! This is a sale. It's amazing how many times during our normal day-to-day lives we create sales discussions with our family, friends and strangers. If you think about it, everytime you have to convince somebody of something, you're making a sale. Think about the story above. She set and agenda and seeded the prospect by sending the text message. This is very similar to how we email and phone our prospects to plant a idea about a sale. Next, she emphasized the features/benefits regarding the dinner by reminding him of the chicken dish. We do the same thing when describing our products and services.

When you think about it, great salespeople are all around us. I'm always facinated by people I meet who say, "I could never sell anything," and yet I witness their sales accumen by making compelling presentations about the simple things in life. As all salespeople know, much of the sale is made in how we make these compelling arguments to our prospects.

Next time you're convincing your loved one to buy a dishwasher, travel to Europe or go out for Chinese food, remember - you're making a sale!

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