Saturday, February 12, 2011

Unpaid Endorsement:

Wouldn't I love to actually be paid to endorse the leading hosted CRM application in the world.  Yeah, that's not going to happen, believe me.  To their credit, (affectionately known to users as SFDC) doesn't need to pay me for me to sing their praises.

In 2010, SFDC released their latest software edition of their Enterprise CRM.  Overall, it's about the best damn customer management and sales efficiency booster out there.  In 2004, the SFDC stock was selling at $8/share and closed the other day at over $125/share.  Would have loved to have seen that one coming.  Why the success?  Why have so many organizations decided to move to a cloud-based, hosted solution?  SIMPLE:  It works the way salespeople think and reports on that effort like a pro.

In my sales career, I've used just about every CRM-style application out there:  ACT, GoldMine, MicrosoftCRM, Siebel, NetSuite and more.  I actually utilized SFDC heavily around 2001-2003 and was impressed by the tool even then.  I had a few gripes and moved away to another tool for the past 8 years.  I can't tell you how impressed I was with SFDC's latest web-based model.  As a salesperson and a sales manager, the power of this tool means one thing:  more efficiency, more productivity and more sales.

One of the coolest things about SFDC is their social networking application sandbox, which pretty much has every type of bolt-on, integration tool and output management plug-in that you could image.  These SFDC applications are pre-made, customizable and nobody else has anything like it.  I liken it to the Apple iPhone of CRM's.  Yes, you're restricted as to content, but there thousands of them, and they work seamlessly.

Whether you work for a small business or a Fortune 100 company, every salesperson can realize huge benefits with SFDC.  Don't believe me?  SFDC will let you try it for free for 30 days.

OK, where's my shameless plug bonus?

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