Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Don't Use a Closing Technique - I'll find you

There are so many book readings on how to "close" a deal, it makes my stomach turn.  Here's the problem:  they all run the risk of being perceived of being some trick or forcing of the close, that it might back-fire.

Here's some famous sales closes and why they don't work:
  1. Puppy Dog Close.  This is the one where you you give them the product/solution for "free."  The hope is that they'll "fall in love with it."  Like a cute dog, when you have it for while, you can't really give it up.  This almost never works as a closing techniques.  Don't waste your time.  An old closer and it will be perceived as a cliche.
  2. Benjamin Franklin close.  This is the one where you draw a line down a white board and put the pros/cons down.  Supposedly, if the pros out-number the cons, they should buy.  Really?  I mean, Really?  Never works.
  3. Assumptive close.  "When we implement this solution, do you prefer a day or night implementation?"  The concept is that you just keep making assumptive statements and the buyers not supposed to know that you're really just closing him.  Buyers are too saavy today.  Doesn't work.
  4. Closing by luring something attractive at him and when he wants it, it only happens if they close the big deal.  This is more of a bribe, if anything.  Unethical and obnoxious.
After exentisve research, and working with thousands of sales people, I've found the magic to close any deal.  Are you ready?  Get your pencils out.  Here it is:  "Do you want to buy it?"  I mean, really guys.  If you're showing the customer that your solutions are better than the others and that the support is better, along with the product itself, you're ready to ask for the business.

Got it - GOOD.

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